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Town and Country Planning

Have you already made a planning application? Are you intending to make a planning application? Alternatively, do you wish to object to a planning application?

Pre Application Advice

Prior to submitting a planning application it is usually helpful to discuss the proposal and plans with one of the Planning Department's planning officers in order to gauge how the application will be viewed by the Planning Committee. It may also be beneficial to liaise with the Department of Transport and other interested parties before the application is filed. Ian is able to assist in relation to any pre application issues and advise on the relevant Isle of Man Planning Legislation and planning considerations including the Isle of Man Strategic Plan and Area Plans.

Initial Decision

Approximately two months after submitting the application, the Planning Department will notify the applicant whether the application has been approved or refused. If the application is refused the applicant can request, within 21 days of the date of the refusal notice, an appeal. If an application is approved, an objector can request an appeal if deemed to have sufficient interest in the proposal i.e. if granted “interested party” status.


If the applicant or objector requests an appeal the matter is then transferred to the Chief Secretary’s office for consideration by an independent planning inspector.

Ian can prepare a full written submission for the appeal hearing and also liaise with any chosen experts such as architects and structural engineers. An onsite meeting can be arranged with the appellant and any necessary photographs of the location can be taken and incorporated into the appeal submission. Ian will provide experienced advocacy at the oral appeal hearing and present the case for the appellant or applicant before the designated inspector.

Appeals are normally held on the Third Floor of Government Offices in Douglas and after hearing oral evidence the inspector will close proceedings. It is usually four to eight weeks after the appeal before the inspector’s report is submitted to the Minister for consideration.

The Minister can either agree or disagree with the independent inspector’s recommendation. In the vast majority of cases the Minister will accept the inspector’s recommendation. The Minister’s decision is final unless application is made to Court by Petition of Doleance for a review of the Minister’s decision.


Whether commercial or domestic, new build or extension, change of use or agricultural, if you require advice or representation in relation to a planning application or appeal please contact Ian an initial consulation.

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